Saturday, April 26, 2014


It was fun shooting this family…The young family of 5, with the 3 littles just moved here to Vegas...The extended family wanted photos together because the husband is in the military, and was getting deployed the next day to Egypt for a year!!! That little newborn will be one year old by the time he gets back to see him…Keep that hero in your prayers….

And here my beautiful aunt, uncle and cousins…Check out their names: Uncle Vinny, Aunt Maryann, my cousin Vinny (Ha!), and my cousin Nicky! It doesn't get anymore Italian than that…Love them!!!

 I love these last 2 photos of my cousin Vinny...


  1. My cousin Vinny! Hilarious! Yoor shots are great Denise!

  2. Great shots. My fav is the girls in BW