Wednesday, April 2, 2014

365: 84-93

Catching up….
The first 3 pictures take priority over pictures of my family's hamburger contest, because my dear, dear, sweet friend Dawn turned 50!!! Seriously? I'm hoping I look just as amazing as she does…She is beautiful inside and out…Oh, and she's from the east coast…Jersey…You know we get along well...Love you Dawn!!!  

The rest of the pictures below is from our 2nd Annual Hamburger making contest…My boy Mikey won first place…It had to many things to list, but all the flavors worked together…My husband was a judge and picked himself…LOL…He did technically win last year, but this year Mikey beat him out…Macy even got in on it…HA!


We should just adopt this kid, he's a goof ball like all the Novack's…Actually he might be goofier...Ha!


  1. I am sure his momma would fight you for him... man, he is getting so big! I love them all! Look at Macy! Wow! And my sweet Dawn! You are so right, she is beautiful on the inside and the outside! I miss you all!

  2. Your friend is beautiful.... hope I look that good at 50. Fun contest for your family!