Monday, September 30, 2013

A little Photoshop here, a little photoshop there.....ARGGGGG!!!!

Omgosh, this is so hard, this photoshop stuff...I mean really it does SO much...I was happy and content using my free and easy online editing programs (ipiccy & picmonkey)!!! Until, a fab friend of mine gave me Photoshop Elements 11 (thanks, Carrie)...I've only heard awesome things about my new friend Photoshop, but I was so intimidated to use it, I never bothered to take the time...

Well, after hanging out with another friend of mine, who knows a heck of a lot more than I do about everything in photography, gave me great photography tips and encouraged me to get to know my new friend, Photoshop! (Thanks, Leslie)...

So here is my RAW photo, in manual, edited in photoshop, bought some actions and applied it to this photo, put a frame around it, and I also made my own watermark...Good thing my son is amazingly handsome...HA!

Since this photoshop stuff took me, ALL DAY. I went ahead and edited the same photo in ipiccy in about 10 minutes...I really do like the simplicity of ipiccy, but I'm willing to challenge myself...I actually like the ipiccy edit better :-/

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