Sunday, December 30, 2012


I guess it's not my last post for my 365 project...

Remember I mentioned I took pictures of my friends' familes?  Here is another amazing family...Each one unique yet all of them are so sweet! It was difficult because my awesome friend is not the type that likes the standard family pose...She wanted it to be creative, yet chaotic, yet natural, yet fun, yet I'm not any of those things, yet! You know what I'm talking about...Those amazing family portraits were the shot is just perfect yet it's not so "set-up"....Well, this is what I ended up with...I'm scheduling myself to get this shot for her not matter how long it takes...Dang, I pray they can put up with me...I need to get better!



  1. Wow, great did a beautiful job.

  2. My favorite is the girl in the yellow flowers!

  3. You are getting good, girl! Love love love them!