Monday, December 3, 2012


BOKEH Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of these are SOOC, I promise....KIM!!! I went outside tonight with my tripod to practice some nighttime shots...This is what I got...I came inside trying to focus on an object and get the bokeh in the background, and this is what I got...The problem I am having is outside...I couldn't focus on an object like my inside picture and get the bokeh in the background...The outside pictures I took in manual and manual focus...The only reason the outside pictures look decent is because it's just bokeh and not an object with bokeh in the background....Make sense?  Suggestions? 


I'm going to do some night time pictures with my girl Carrie (She is not a new friend-I've known her for years...She rocks!!) on Wednesday night so we need some tips...Well I do...Ha!


  1. They look beautiful! I don't know either... what time are you going, I will go with you : )
    No seriously, why are they pink??