Thursday, December 8, 2011



Wow, wow, wow!!!! Did I say wow?  These photos are from a  replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle here in Las Vegas...We went on a family field trip today and we were all blown away...Including my boys...Trinity is not quite there yet, but she will be one day...Ha! Anyway, this was so educational and so awesome! I can't say enough about it...Everything, everything, everything in the Tabernacle points to JESUS!! Every item you see, every color, every foot, every inch, every texture, every shape, every rope, every entrance/exit, every animal, every person, EVERYTHING,  represents JESUS!! HE is everywhere, all the time, in everything, since the beginning...  HE'S even in us!!


  1. PRAISE JESUS!!!! God leaves no detail undone! Amazing God!

  2. We went there today. I was BLOWN AWAY! I knew a few of the connections but WOW! I'm in awe of how clearly God communicated Jesus to His people thousands of years before He came to earth. What a huge God we serve!