Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bloody Cross of Hope (365:158)

Don’t think for a second that anything that happens to you is because of you or someone you know….GOD is to get all the glory, all the time whether good or bad!! Please!
During this foster/adopt process everyone in the house had to get a physical…The results came in, and all is well with everyone, except for mine! Great! Now what? My cholesterol is a little high and my liver count is high! What?! I’m a runner this can’t be…LOL! So long story short, I have to retake it and get an abdominal ultra-sound...

I go, of course…I meet “Michael” the Russian…He tells me his eyes are sharp and that he can’t tell me anything about this ultra-sound (in his Russian accent, of course) After working on me a bit, I ask, 

ME:             “Sooo, do you see why I had to come in?”
HIM:           “Gess, but don’t vurry it’s vedy small problem.”  
ME:             “I’m not worried, GOD is in control, He can leave the problem on my liver or take it away.”
HIM:           “Gess, this is true.”   
(My radar goes up)
ME:             “Sooo, Michael do you believe in GOD”
HIM:           “Gess, of course”
ME:             “Do you believe in JESUS”
HIM:           “Gess, of course.”
ME:          (HMM) “Do you believe JESUS is GOD?”
HIM:           “Hahah, JESUS is not GOD! No, no, Jesus was a person,  like a prophet…
ME:             “Umm, No JESUS is GOD…What religion are you?”
HIM:           “I’m zee Christian, of course.”
ME:             “Umm, Christians believe JESUS is GOD..
HIM:           “I’Z am zmarter than Christians becuze I vead literature bookz of all different things.” Do you know Karma?
ME:             “Umm, I heard of it, but I don’t believe in it.”
HIM:           “AAAHH, okay, back to business letz looook at zuour gall batter now.”
ME:             “Okay.”

So we go on with the procedure and I’m thinking in my head…This is nuts!! This guy is 
going to go straight to the pit of hell and he thinks “Karma” is going to save him…I’m
thinking, Oh please JESUS give me another chance…We get done he tells me to sit 
down and pulls up his swively dr. chair and proceeds to tell me about “Karma” AND
“reincarnation” on a piece of paper…”I’m sorry Michael I don’t believe in either of 
it…I pull out my Bible and say, I only believe in this!! Nothing more…And I believe 
EVERY word of it.”  With a smile he says OK nothing further to discuss… We said our 
goodbyes and I went on my way…

After I left I pleaded with the LORD to open Michael's eyes to see the real truth and 
so I ask all of you to pray for him as well…You see, Michael seen something on my 
liver that day, but today I spoke with that doctors office to get the results and make 
an appointment to discuss what is next and the nurse said my blood work AND the 
ultra sound came back normal!!!! JESUS healed what was on my liver!!!   As I was
holding back tears of joy I hung up the phone and prostrated myself in praise to
JESUS thanking Him for so many things…As I write this I’m still in awe and in praise to 
the LORD, that I had to the opportunity to be used to simply talk to “Michael” and 
tell him JESUS is GOD!  Maybe the simple conversation, my prayer, the church prayer 
list, or your prayer will be used to open “Michael’s” eyes to JESUS truth…Please pray 
for him…And PLEASE praise JESUS for who He is and all that He does…
 “Daughter,” he said to her, “your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”  Luke 8:48


  1. I love it!!
    "Michael" vill zee za truse vun day!

  2. Amen! Michael will see! Hopefully, the Lord will open his eyes now.