Thursday, May 26, 2011


A Willow Tree Sculpture, never heard of it until I received it from my sweet friend...I love it!! I don't do collectibles, but when she gave it to me and her thoughts behind it, it melted my heart..."New Life" is the name of the sculpture and each sculpture is hand painted by the artist...Pretty neat!

I also have to say I think the picture quality is pretty good too...I had a lot of fun using my clone tool again...My table looked like it had dust on it (probably did..Ha!) and I used my cloning tool to wipe it away! Yay, for cloning, yay for my sweet friend who gave it to me and, yay for my beautiful sculpture and the new life the LORD will bring us :)


  1. That is beautiful. I love those!

  2. rub it in!!!! nice picture... love the reflection...