Friday, May 27, 2011

365:144, 145, 146

The Lord answered my prayer! Remember Damia (meaning: To Tame) Well, that is exactly what the LORD did for us! Praises to JESUS...Gosh, I think right after I wrote May 23rd post asking for prayer, is when the screaming went from 80% screaming & crying to a 20%...Now, Damia doesn't cry as much...She seems to be adjusting to our family well...She does cry of course, but just like any other 8 month old...She has been a sweet blessing to our family...Seeing her cry for 4 days straight and not ONE smile, broke my heart...The next day it was laughing, smiling, etc...A normal 8 month old little girl...And here she is at bath-time, loving every minute...


  1. sweet little bop a dee dee!

  2. I'm so happy she's adjusting! What a scary time that must have been for her. I praise God that she had you and your family to help through it!