Thursday, February 20, 2014


Omgosh! 12 days behind…Welp, you know me, this is my pattern…Praise GOD it's just photography.. I am flaky, but not with important stuff…HA!
Anywho, my girl Sandy from California comes to Vegas often for her job, and this time brought her sweeties with her…She is the founder of  (SIV)…Our testimonies are on there along with a few others…I just remembered we were suppose to talk about the SIV ministry when she was here, but we were to busy talking about the other things the LORD is doing in our lives…
I'm thankful I did a mini photo shoot with them, or else I wouldn't have the 12 pictures I am behind with…Enjoy! 


  1. Denise!!! I am so excited to see that the little lady is your little one now!

    Great job on the photos - that young girl is beautiful!

  2. Wow darling! Yo are getting better and better. Beautiful pictures, so proud of you!
    God Bless!
    xx Carmen

  3. Finally get to see Sandy from Cali! Beautiful children! Love you!