Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project 52 (2013) Week 14 & 15

I really love doing this Project 52, honest I do...Even though I miss a week here and there, I can catch up...I do wish I could keep up with my blogging...Well, I can't...HA! 

Anyway, these pictures are from our trip to Disneyland...A friend of ours bought my entire family 4 tickets to Disney for 2 days!!!! Amazing, right?  So, so blessed...This was Little Lovely's first Disney experience...We were waiting on a ride for her and she fell asleep...Maybe that face of annoyance on my husband was because of that or me continually snapping pictures...Either way, it's so typical of his humor....Ha, Ha!

 I HATE the teacups! Especially with my family...I'm sure you can guess why!


  1. oh my gosh! I love her! and you! So fun! Next time you go, I am going!

  2. So adorable that she fell asleep like that!