Thursday, July 26, 2012


I know, I know...My blog...What have I been doing?  To many things to list and not enough time for pictures...Grrrr! I haven't been bringing my camera with me lately...I don't have anything else to take pictures of around my house that I already have taken pictures of...Then it dawned on me...Oh, I have a beautiful family...HA! 

Well, here is a beautiful picture of my sweet Mikey...He will be 9 yrs. old. next month...I could have posted it SOOC, but I had some time to get fancy...Don't tell him I used the lip tint on his lips...HA!

ANDDDD this next photo is the actual day I met my husband (notice the date 08/27/00) I was out partying that night here in Vegas on vacation, when I still lived in New York...What a night! Love at first site, truly it was...I never thought 12 yrs later I would still be married and more in love than I was when we first met, have JESUS as my Savior, 2 amazing boys and fostering to adopt more children...I AM SO RICH!!! Thank you JESUS!!


  1. I hope it is a good busy keeping you away. LOL on the old picture. And your boy... great shot!!

  2. You are RICH!!! God is so good! and I love Mikey!