Sunday, November 6, 2011


 I'm a little late with sharing my boys' costumes at our Harvest festival...I was to busy taking care of my girl, watching my boys and fellowshipping with my friends to take any pictures of our festival...You might say my boys dressed up as Army guys, but that's not correct...They were "spec ops"- translation: "Special Operations"...What that means I'm not quite sure...But I do know if I just say, "Aww Army guys" I get in trouble...LOL...They truly are a team...

This was just tonight...2 hours of burning about 40lbs of paper! I can't believe I had that much...Never again! 
Of course, the night wouldn't of been awesome without roasting marsh mellows...I showed the boys how I use to make taffy out of the marsh mellow with my fingers...Is that a New York thing or an old school thing?  Do people still do that?  It's kind of messy, but fun..


  1. hahaha...turfish-taffy :) I have yet to teach Emma that. But good question...Is it a NY thing??

  2. must be a New York thing... cause this west coast girl has no idea what you are talking about? : ) cute pictures and great capture on the fire...